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10 August 2029 @ 12:54 pm
so why don't you sing my songs?

Welcome to aimaitrace's works journal!
There isn't an archive or any headers for the works here; if you want to find something, just check the tags.
Feel free to browse. Chat RP posts and other works will be locked, so if you want to see that, do add this journal up.

All of the works from xxshamisen have been transferred here and has been edited accordingly.
Still in the process of doing so.

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Want me to write you a fic, make you graphics, draw you some fanart, or beta your works? Reply to this post with the subject Request: [fic/graphics/fanart/beta] and then the details of your request. All I ask though is for your patience because lack of inspiration and time are mostly my enemies. I'll make any kinds of graphics, but for the rest, please scroll down for the bands/fandoms I can do. List of requests!Collapse )

drabble challenges
I will be responding at once to the drabble challenges since these are easier to write. My range is around 300 words though occasionally it may exceed that (aside from the one-sentence challenges). Again, please scroll down for the list of fandoms I'll write for. Reply to this post with the subject Challenge: [drabble/one sentence] and then the details of your challenge. Rules!Collapse )

will write for
These are the fandoms and pairings I'll write for. They're broken and ordered in my familiarity of them. The pairings inside the parentheses are the ones I'm very much familiar with, but I can write for the other pairings too. List of fandoms!Collapse )

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Disclaimer: Real people, real circumstances, fake stories, as I always say. As for the others, we simply claim nobody.
All's made just for the amusement of it, no need to sue or anything. Everything's made from scratch otherwise noted.

Thank you for stopping by! ♥
18 November 2011 @ 06:14 pm
“It’s your own fault,” said the little prince. “I never wished you any sort of harm; but you wanted me to tame you…”
“Yes, that is so,” said the fox.
“But now you are going to cry!” said the little prince.
“Yes, that is so,” said the fox.
“Then it has done you no good at all!”
Uruha smiles once Aoi leaves – with a bang, no less, as the older man slams the door in his exit. The frames that hung on the wall tremble a little.
Once upon a time Uruha had told himself not to let anybody in because it was the easiest way to self-destruction. Looking back at it now, he figured he should’ve listened to himself. The thing was, he never really listened, not even to himself.
He wanted to live as a man without regrets. He supposed it wasn’t his greatest idea that he clung to the first person who seemed keen to break down all his walls, without letting the rational side of his brain assess the situation first. To his defense, he was already getting tired of putting up barriers.
What Uruha didn’t expect was to fall so hard, though. Suddenly the world didn’t revolve in only himself and he was fine with that.
And so he gave even his world. He had always been someone who gave a hundred percent on whatever he did, after all, and never held back.
It was already too late when he realized it wasn’t really applicable in this situation.
Uruha crawls into his bed and lays there for a few hours. There are no lights inside the room and only the silence keeps him company. It’s so easy to think of things in such a setting, but the room still smelled of Aoi’s perfume.
The smile never really left his face.
He pulls himself up and slips on some fuzzy slippers, making his way to the balcony. The air is much more different; chilling, and it penetrates through the flimsy material of his shirt and shorts. His hands automatically rub on his arms.
Only high rise buildings can be seen from the horizon. Leaving a world with no stars but only lights – he figures it was fine. Anyway, it didn’t belong to him any longer.
Uruha hops on the ledge and finds that his feet barely fit. It’s a struggle to stand up but he does, with his hands raised sideways, trying to balance himself. But the cold wind blows, making him slip and the first thing to fall was one of his slippers.
And he jumps.
Clumsy until the end, he laughs, but that’s what he wanted all along anyway. His eyes close as the force of gravity pulls him and the cold autumn breeze pricks his skin like little pins.
He imagines the mess he’d make once he reaches the ground. The blood, the splattered bones. The missing slipper. It’s almost a reason to be sorry. But he isn’t.
He can’t. Not anymore.
19 October 2011 @ 12:48 am
Just a scene. This is for you — you know who you are.

Your phone rings shrilly in the otherwise quiet apartment and you look outside the window, finding a view that was finally to your liking. There are no clouds or stars, but the cityscape lights shine brightly before your eyes. You decide that it was fine, and finally take the infernal contraption to your ears. Your voice is hoarse from sleep. The call finishes and you set the phone back on the side table, yawning.

You pull yourself out of the bed grudgingly.Collapse )
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11 October 2011 @ 05:31 pm
Uruha's never usually wrong. Ruki proves that he is.

“I am.”Collapse )
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Rain poured heavily on the windshield that it was hard to see anything through it anymore. The streetlamps looked nothing but blurred lights in the onslaught of rain and the wiper was barely any help keeping the water pounding and blocking sight. Aoi thought that perhaps it hadn’t been a wise choice to drive away and simply stayed home…

…and the thought had him scowling. He is on his way home.

Nobody in their right mind would drive through such a harsh rain like this, of course, but sometimes Aoi’s mind didn’t like staying put, especially whenever Uruha was concerned. It was supposed to be a night of relaxation in each other’s arms, relishing in the coldness the rain brought them. One wrong word and Uruha was out spouting some stupid nonsense – Aoi refused to admit that he was the reason why they had yet another verbal spat. Come to think of it, he didn’t remember why they argued in the first place; what Aoi remembered was the flaring anger in his chest when Uruha looked at him with disdain. He knew it was a wise choice to get out of there before he started breaking any of Uruha’s things.

It was only a drizzle when he started driving out of Uruha’s block and to his way home when the weather decided to kick a man down further by obscuring his vision. At least the cold and waiting in traffic helped in calming Aoi down, but the silence agitated him all the more. He hated the exact moment when his anger subsided and reason came back to him because that was usually the time when he realized it probably was his fault.

Aoi flipped the radio on and narrowed his eyes just a little bit when he recognized the song being played. It was a calming ballad, just perfect for the rainy occasion, which also happened to be one of Uruha’s favorite songs. Of course Uruha didn’t admit to this, but the way his face relaxes whenever it played somewhere was a good enough indication that he did. People always have a certain image or a certain stereotype assigned to Uruha, but Aoi has watched him for quite some time to know that 99% of the time, they just misunderstood.

Sighing, Aoi gripped the wheel and sped up as he looked for the nearest U-turn.

• • •

Uruha opened his door to a wet and obviously shivering Aoi, but he just stood there, staring the older man down, tucking his conscience to the farthest corner in his brain.

“S’cold,” Aoi mumbled, his teeth chattering and all of a sudden, Uruha’s defenses promptly crumbled down. Aoi offered an awkward smile and tried to ignore his already freezing bits.

Uruha sniffed and opened the door wider to let the other in. “Come on in, rain damages bleached hair, you know.”

It didn’t make sense to Aoi at all but he accepted the explanation anyway, just happy to have Uruha’s hands back on him.

This little bundle of fluff was written to - egad! - a ballad sung by one of the members of MBLAQ (or something). You have granitemouth to blame for this.
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15 July 2011 @ 06:53 pm
A secret is out.

“I guess I should give it to somebody else then.”Collapse )
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19 April 2011 @ 04:32 pm
Subtleties in Uruha’s words confuse Reita all the more.
For quarrions .

“You could show a little interest, you know.”Collapse )
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16 April 2011 @ 11:57 pm
For avenue.

It didn’t matter who it was that made Uruha smile, as long as he did. There was always something so childlike and innocent in the way that his lips curved and his small teeth gleamed. Though it might not have been smile meant for him, it still didn’t fail to make Reita smile too.

Their eyes met and Uruha’s smile widened until it wasn’t a smile anymore. It was already a grin. Reita knew that look.

Almost immediately, his own smile faded and his nose wrinkled, expression one of exasperation, if not sourness. Granted, Reita wasn’t exactly gifted with a spectacular smile like Uruha. His smile looks a little bit… well, a hell lot awkward. Especially without make-up. Make-up just makes him look less of a creeperface. Sometimes he forgot that Uruha can be one shallow, appearance-basing son of a bitch.

He would’ve flipped the other off, but instead he just waved for him to come closer. “Just lemme hear your heart beat already.” Uruha, still with that teasing grin on his mouth, obliged anyway.

“You’re so adorable, I can’t help it.” A gentle laugh followed.

The heartbeat test turned into something more as Reita felt arms circling his waist and hands on lower back. His own hand took the same spot on Uruha’s back while the other remained over his heart. Eyes closing, Reita pbserved how Uruha’s heart was beating. Steady, but in strong pounds. It was beating for the fans. At that very moment, it was beating for him.

Reita felt the brush of hair on his skin and a discreet press of the lips on his cheek. “Hey, we have to go back to work now.” Uruha withdrew from the hug he initiated. Anyway, there was plenty of time for that in the privacy of their own home. On the other hand, Reita wouldn’t budge.

“What do you want now?” And yet Uruha didn’t completely step away. The other just shot him a look.

“Thirty more seconds. Don’t you know how these tests work?”

“Yeah, that would work better if you did it on my pulse,” he countered – more like teased – with added effect of his eyebrow raising. Reita looked as if he was truly just nanoseconds from flipping him off. “Alright. Dork.”

With that sweet, genuine smile Uruha topped the prolonged hug off, Reita didn’t care if it was actually at the expense of his dignity.
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10 October 2010 @ 11:04 pm
Can also be entitled as "Why granitemouth and paranoiascreams are suddenly here too."

Two days ago those two ladies together with angelicoma and I got together and hung out, fangirled, watched vistlip's Gather To the Theater, ate pizza, and drunk. Had a good time, basically, however angelicoma had to go earlier while paranoiascreams and I decided to crash at granitemouth's place. In our semi-drunken state we dared ourselves to write for each other as the three of us haven't been able to write in the J-rock fandom yet. (I'm gonna be a cockblock though and say we're really not sure when we'd come back. /braces for bricks)

It was decided that each of us will write a pairing we don't usually write but are familiar with according to the preference of who we're writing for. These basically are the assignments:

genkyoku - Ruka/Yomi (Nightmare) for granitemouth; Tora/Saga (Alice Nine) for paranoiascreams
granitemouth - Kai/Uruha (Gazette) for genkyoku; Umi/Rui for paranoiascreams
paranoiascreams - Nao/Izumi (Kagrra) for granitemouth; Sujk/Leda (Deluhi) for genkyoku

We had to do an 800-word minimum per fic and our deadline is today at 12 MN, which is basically less than an hour from now. The punishment for not being able to deliver is that the person fails will treat the person she's supposed to write for with a venti frappe and food from Starbucks. That's around $8 per person, so $16 for both. All for being able to write in the J-rock fandom again, yeah?

The challenge was fun, and now I go off to read and comment on the other fics. :D Read them too, okay?
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10 October 2010 @ 10:35 pm
Hurting and healing in a shallower sense (if you want to look at it that way).
For paranoiascreams.
Inspiration from one of my own RPs.

Nothing was different. At least, nothing was drastically different.Collapse )